About Us

FulcrumDSP specializes in signal processing systems on FPGA's or GPU's. While most of our work is for the defense industry, we also do commercial systems such as medical imaging. If your system requires high-performance digital signal processing, then you came to the right place.


FulcrumDSP is not just an FPGA house. We also do GPU system development. All work is done in CUDA. Depending on system factors such as performance, cost, flexibility of design, long-term longevity, and size/power, a trade-off has to be made between an FPGA or GPU architecture. Sometimes, as in high-speed acquisition systems, the system may be a combination of both. RFSOC's are also beginning to come on the scene, and will soon be a primary component of advanced systems. FulcrumDSP is expert at all scenarios, and is ready to help.

Some of the systems that FulcrumDSP has been involved in include Software Defined Radio(SDR), software defined threat systems, LIDAR, RADAR, Sonar beam-forming, and generally high-speed acquisition. Additional work includes target tracking and Doppler imaging(ISAR).

The founder of FulcrumDSP, Stan Drey, has been a DSP design engineer for nearly 30 years, and has been involved in developing several advanced military systems. FulcrumDSP also has several members who come aboard as-needed, and who specialize in a large array of areas. In other words, FulcrumDSP is a consortium of SME's (Subject matter experts). This is NOT just a job shop.

System Design

DSP processing systems.

FPGA Coding

VHDL or Verilog, Xilinx or Intel.

Matlab Models

Professionally coded reference model.


Simple testbenches to System Verilog formal verification


Porting existing designs to VHDL.


State of the Art in signal processing.